Health & Happiness

3 Key Tips to a Healthier Life

"I'm too busy." "I love food." "I hate working out." I've used every single one of those excuses (and many more!) to put off being healthier. It can feel incredibly overwhelming, but really, it's easier than you think to get started on a path to being healthier. Trust me, I've started over on this path… Continue reading 3 Key Tips to a Healthier Life

30 Before 30

#13 -Go vegetarian for 21 days.

Challenge number one began the Monday after Christmas. Why wait until the new year when you can start now, right? This seemed to be the most approachable challenge on my 30 before 30 list without really changing much during the final days of the year. To get ready, I spent time on Pinterest getting inspired… Continue reading #13 -Go vegetarian for 21 days.