Our biggest adventure yet.

Oh, how life has changed in the last three months. I fell off the face of the blogoworld. I also fell out of most social activities. For a time, my friends thought I deserted them. No, I just found out some incredible, amazing, utterly surprising, yet completely joyful news. We are pregnant. About halfway through… Continue reading Our biggest adventure yet.


Hello sweet, beautiful Scotland, lovely to meet you.

It has been two weeks since we've returned from Scotland and the entire trip still feels completely unreal. The first few days back at home are a blur, jet lagged and falling asleep with Scottish accents floating around my head. It's only a time difference of 5 hours, but damn, that jet lag is for… Continue reading Hello sweet, beautiful Scotland, lovely to meet you.


Hello reader. How are you today?

Why do I write here, for all to see? Why not just keep a personal journal of my experiences? My aim is to share and hopefully inspire. To find others who feel a passion for living outside the normal. To encourage others to forgo the expected. There is so much life to live outside the… Continue reading Hello reader. How are you today?