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Stay Happy & Motivated Through Cold, Winter Months

Happy March 1! A new month always calls for a new beginning. A restart.

But does a restart really mean starting over? A quick Google search says it is actually to start again, to proceed, to begin where one left off.

Now that makes me feel motivated! Let’s revitalize those new year’s resolutions, remember the put off projects intended for 2018, and shake off the blah feeling these rainy, pre-spring days can cause.

I am so craving the sunshine and warmth and here in Cleveland, the weather has been quite the tease. We’ve had a couple exciting days, smiling big as we opened up the stroller to walk around the neighborhood. Then the next day it’s 35 degrees! Where are my sweatpants?! I’ll just be over here, huddled on the couch where my favorite fleece blanket lives.

So what can we do to escape the blah?

Stay Happy & Motivated Through Cold, Winter Months with a Happy Jar ||

Think of all things happy!

To make my Happy Jar, I used a clear jar I had laying around. It was similar to this, but anything large enough to fit your hand will work. You will also need:

  • happy words, paint, or whatever else to decorate (I used magazine clippings)
  • tape or glue
  • fun, bright colored paper
  • markers

To get started, brainstorm some ideas! Think comfort for sure – a hot cocoa night, make homemade soup, take a bubble bath. But don’t forget about getting out of the house – get tickets to see a local play, bundle up and go for a walk on a rare sunny day.

Did you see a great idea in a magazine or while browsing Pinterest? Tear it out or screenshot it so you remember to include it in your happy jar! Here are some more ideas:

  • Organize a roller skating night – how nostalgic does that sound?
  • Buy fresh flowers to brighten your coffee table. Blooms with larger petals are budget friendly.
  • Have an indoor picnic – go all out with a basket and blanket to make it feel just like spring!
  • Play your favorite music and dance around the house.
  • Invite friends over for a board game night.
  • Go visit a museum. They often feature free admission one day a week, if not all the time.
  • Watch some funny YouTube videos.

Once you have your ideas, decorate your jar, and fill it up! Or you can even decorate first. Who knows? It might motivate you to think of even more happy activities.

Now with your Happy Jar on the shelf, you don’t have to figure out how to bust that blah winter mood when it strikes. Simply pull out an idea and get to smiling!

Of course, this doesn’t just have to be for the winter! Any suggestion can be thrown in. Need motivation working out? Fill a jar with new workouts –  running, swimming, biking, or just a new set of exercises for a workout of the day.

You’re only limited by your own creativity as to what to fill it with. Let me know if you make your own Happy Jar and best of luck staying motivated on this dreary, rainy day!




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