A year full of projects, plans, and passions.

Do you ever get the feeling that you have too many projects and you’re not even scratching the surface of achieving anything with any of them?

It’s creeping close to a year since I have spent time on this blog and considering writing has always been one of my biggest passions, I can’t help but feel sad about that.

Of course, I had my hands full last year.

But we’ll tell that story later. This post is a little more about me, which can be a really hard thing to allow yourself after becoming a mother. Every single moment becomes devoted to your little one in the beginning. There’s so much to learn! And of course, that little babe can’t tell you much of anything to help.

We’re figuring it out a little more these days (always with much help from the fiancé and the rest of the tribe), but one thing to accept about the beautiful life as a parent – there’s always another curveball around the corner. Just wait for it.

Oh, am I talking about my little one again? Oops, back to me and writing and everything else in life other than parenting.

So for 2018, there’s also wedding planning, running an Etsy shop, book club, and this year I’m starting a cooking club. Because why not? No really, it’s because I’m making it a priority to see friends more often this year. And what better way than combining friend time with my love of cooking? Everyone’s gotta eat anyway, let’s do it surrounded by wonderful people and laughter.

And I’m going to write about it all. At least that’s my plan. And if I post it here, perhaps I’ll actually follow through.

What are your big plans for the rest of the year?


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