New motivations, the same passions.

So this blog began about a year and a half ago with the motivation to complete a 30 before 30 list.

Now it’s twelve days until I turn 30 and I never could have guessed I would be sitting in an apartment I share with the love of my life, in a suburban city, watching our (almost) 3 month old baby nap.

My 28-year-old self had grand ideas of traveling, getting out of my routine and truly experiencing life. At the time, I thought that meant really grabbing a hold of the unknown and seeking out the most thrills possible.

Great, more power to you 28-year-old self. I know it was only a little over a year ago, but oh how wrong you were. Instead of living the life of a single girl, I fell so hard in love with the most wonderful man. My cross country road trip morphed into birthing a beautiful little girl. It’s time to postpone hiking and traveling and embrace being a stay at home mama. For now.

No, life doesn’t stop once you have a child, but those priorities sure do change. I no longer need to be so on the go; instead, this is the time of life I need to slow down, just sit and stare into those tiny blue eyes that fill with more love and awareness each day.

The day to day motivations of the “why not experience” have shifted, but my passions remain the same.

Slow down. Connect. Be moved. Ask why not and make this life so damn amazing.

I’m back and loving life more than ever.



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