30 Before 30

The New 30 Before 30

I made a 30 before 30 list early December 2015. I no longer recognized myself and I wanted to rediscover my life of adventure and fun. I sat down with big goals of traveling and maybe being a little reckless, with plans to capitalize on my lack of true responsibilities. Just writing that list really did help me find the happy, positive person I have (almost always) known myself to be.

But as life does best, it threw me a bit of a surprise in 2016 and completely changed my priorities for the year.

That baby bump was just barely starting to peek out 4 months ago, but I was so excited to finally see the proof of a little baby in there.

So with the many unexpected, yet exciting adventures of 2016, here is my new 30 before 30. With 3.5 months until I turn 30, this list might remain a little ambitious, but we’re going big this year.

In no particular order.

1. Run/walk a 5k.

1. Run a 10k. 2016 was not the year of running. Yes, I could’ve continued while being pregnant, but for reasons we don’t really need to get into, I did not. So the plan is to get back into it slowly. Have you ever heard of the 2017 Gold Challenge? It’s a challenge to run/walk 1000 miles in 1 year. I just might use it to help me get back in to a walking/running routine.

2. Cook a really great meal for a group of good friends.

Once I’m sleeping like a normal person again, it will be time to dust off that pink and black apron and host that infamous dinner party. Or if not infamous, at least a nice little evening with friends.

3. Dress up for a night out.

3. Go to a rave. Let’s get classy around here. Break out those fancy clothes and go somewhere – dinner with the girls, Playhouse Square with the man, anywhere. Get a babysitter and make it happen.

4. Get a job outside of a restaurant!

I think this counts. Stay at home mama. Etsy seller. Freelance photographer. Something like that. We’ll see for sure.

5. Plan a trip with my mom, out of state, somewhere different than we’ve been before.

So on the original list was to go on the trip of course. It’s still a very necessary thing, but it might not happen before April, so let’s at least get a trip in the works. Choose where and when, follow through on our ideas.

6. Ride in a hot air balloon.

I would still very much love to do this. We will just have to plan ahead and look for a deal to make it happen.

7. Do something adrenaline-based that I’ve never done before.

7. Go whitewater rafting. Between January and April, I’m pretty sure I would not enjoy the weather enough for whitewater rafting to realistically happen (I’m a freeze baby, in case you didn’t know). My adrenaline options have been quite limited these past few months, so really, I’m open to anything once I’m able to be a little more active.

8. Take a surfing class.

I’m planning a trip back home to the beach in Virginia for my 30th, so this should be able to happen that weekend, right?

9. Go on our first family vacation.

9. Visit New York City. Could we swing NYC with a newborn? Yes, probably, but we already have two other trips planned this year. We’ll fit in Virginia just in time for my 30th. And then it’s Myrtle Beach in August, so sorry New York, we’ll visit you one day!

10. Take a spontaneous trip.

Maybe I could do a little solo getaway for a day. Life is likely going to be a bit hectic, so maybe “trip” could be loosely defined here? Like, let’s say, a trip to the park. I hear that alone can be quite the experience as a new parent.

11. Go rock climbing.

Okay. Maybe we’ll leave this one. My postpartum body might hate me, but there’s only one way to find out.

12. Visit Lake Metroparks.

12. See the Grand Canyon. Nope. One day, yes, absolutely, top of the list. In the next three months, no. So Lake Metroparks is going to be the goal instead. They have Maple Sugaring events in early March and I believe they even let you milk cows. Family day at the farm!

13. Go vegetarion for 21 days.

Yay, we found one I completed in 2016!

14. Relearn French.

14. Horseback riding on the beach. This is still a wish, but it doesn’t need to happen before 30. Totally unrelated, I’d like to brush up on my French skills. At one point, I was pretty much fluent. An hour a week, 10 minutes a day, it would slowly come back.

15. Get another meaningful tattoo.

If only I could find a reason… Just kidding. Pretty sure I could make this happen, it will just depend on my decision-making abilities before April.

16. Go to brunch with a fun group of girls.


17. Host a wine, cheese and chocolate party.

17. Go to the cherry blossom festival in D.C. A little less travel, a little more time spent with the friends I’ve made in Ohio. Who doesn’t love wine, cheese, and chocolate? Low key, fun evening while little one sleeps. Sounds perfect to me.

18. Spend an afternoon completely unplugged, reading, writing, and relaxing in a “fancy” coffee shop.

So you can have caffeine during pregnancy. Being a first-time mom trying to be “perfect”, I have significantly cut back and now just drink caffeine when absolutely necessary. So it’s more of a quick, chugging kind of activity rather than an enjoyed, sipping experience. That being said, I can’t freaking wait to sit down and savor that first delicious cup of coffee. It will be an event. There will be photos.

19. Go to an Ohio winery.

19. Stomp grapes to make wine. I missed the 2016 festival. Sad face. I’ll put it on the 2017 list of fun things to do, but considering it’s in September, that’s obviously not happening before I turn 30. So instead, visit an Ohio winery! They’re surrounding me. I even used to pass one on my way to work every day. So why exactly have I never been? Time to fix that for sure.

20. Cook 300 Pinterest recipes.

I didn’t stop cooking in 2016, but it was not my year of loving food. There was morning sickness, then sugar intolerance, and well, just not wanting to eat. So I’m looking forward to hopefully confirming I still have a love for food, but my pregnant body did not enjoy it most of the time. So I managed 47 recipes last year. Only 253 to go!

21. Be in love and show him in different ways every day.

21. Be single and enjoy it. Don’t forget about date nights, they’re even more important with a newborn around.

22. Take a pinup style photo.

Will I be happy enough with my post-pregnancy body for this? Time will tell.

23. Take a fitness class.

Try Zumba dammit! Why the hell not? Or I guess yoga could be fun too.

24. Read 3 books from the Banned & Challenged Classics list.

24. Hike Old Rag mountain in Virginia. Nope. Not this year, but one day. Maybe I can find a hiking book to read instead. (I’ve already read Wild. If you haven’t, I highly recommend it!)

25. Create a family recipe book.

Call and talk to Grandma about food. She’s not going to be around forever and you’re going to miss the hell out of her cooking.

26. Take a cooking class. Or pottery class. Or glass blowing class.

We did this! Yay.

27. Be in two places at once.

Why is this such a desired thing to do? I really don’t know, but cliche or not, the urge is still there!

28. Bake fresh bread.

28. Do a polar plunge. Let’s skip the cold weather activities this year and warm up the apartment with the oven instead.

29. Start a blog and stick with it.

So yeah, that was a bit of a fail in 2016. This is step one to trying again. Intentions are always the highest on January 1.

30. Have a baby and be the best possible mama I can be.

30. Cross country road trip. Nope. No way. Hell no. Not that it’s completely impossible, but I am just going to accept that a cross country road trip is not going to work out for us this year. I think this new goal, however, is equally significant.


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