Our biggest adventure yet.

Oh, how life has changed in the last three months. I fell off the face of the blogoworld. I also fell out of most social activities. For a time, my friends thought I deserted them.

No, I just found out some incredible, amazing, utterly surprising, yet completely joyful news. We are pregnant. About halfway through the 10 months. And what a journey it has been already.

Shock. Happiness. Fear. Sickness.

I found out on Mother’s Day. Cliche, yes, but also so sweet.

And we found out last week we are having a girl.

Baby Girl Reveal Photo

Baby Girl Reveal Photo

I was expecting a boy for some reason, but we are absolutely so so happy. And this man is the most amazing thing in my life. He is being 100% supportive and perfect about everything. Life feels like such a dream and I am just trying to ride out this beautiful life as long as possible.

Baby Girl Reveal Photo

Look at those happy smiles.

Baby Girl Reveal Photo


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