Breathe and focus, beautiful girl.

I'm still looking for that carefree, happy girl I used to be. I know it'd be better to stop searching for her and she'll more likely come back to me. But if I do that, I'm afraid I'll get lost in the day to day monotony. Work. Bills. Drinks. So how to escape that monotony?… Continue reading Breathe and focus, beautiful girl.


Be you. So perfectly.

  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/78039006016086556/ When I first stumbled upon this quote, I silently screamed to myself, "yes, hell yes!" Then I shared it with anyone that would listen. And honestly, no one seemed nearly as excited. But more than a year later, I'm still silently screaming my excitement. Be yourself. Love yourself. And who cares about anyone… Continue reading Be you. So perfectly.


Hello reader. How are you today?

Why do I write here, for all to see? Why not just keep a personal journal of my experiences? My aim is to share and hopefully inspire. To find others who feel a passion for living outside the normal. To encourage others to forgo the expected. There is so much life to live outside the… Continue reading Hello reader. How are you today?